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Portable Fiber Laser Marking Machine

SPF-II Series, portable! It's convenient to be moved by hands! High marking speed, excellent quality and high performance.

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Product Introduction

The volume, its distinct advantage, is very small and convenient to be moved by hands. It has high marking speed, good quality and high performance advantages.

Reasonable price, high performance;
Fine marking effect, be able to mark all kinds of complicated patterns on very tiny surface;
High electro-optic conversion efficiency, little energy coupling loss, less consumption, maintenance-free;
Small measurement and convenient transportation meeting the requirement of changing processing sites;

It is widely used in electronic components, hardware, electrical industry, daily consumer goods, sensors, auto parts, 3C electronics, crafts, precision apparatuses, gifts and ornaments, medical equipments, high-low-voltage appliances, bathroom accessories, battery industry, IT industry, etc.

Technical Parameters

Models No. SPF-II/10/20/30
Optical Properties Rated Output Power
Laser Operating Mode Q-switched pulsed fiber laser
Wavelength 1064nm
Output Power Tunability 5~100% or 10~100%
Repetition Frequency Range 20~60kHz or 20~80kHz
Output Power Stability
<5% or <3%
Output Beam Diameter 7±1mm
Output Beam Quality(M2 <1.5 (after beam expander)
<1.8 (after beam expander)
Max. Single Pulse Energy(mJ) 0.5@20kHz
Cooling System Internal air cooling
Scanner Properties Max. Marking Speed ≤15000mm/s
Repeatability ±0.001mm
Min. Line Width 0.03mm
Min. Character 0.15mm
Max. Marking Depth 0.8mm
Marking Characteristics Pilot Laser Red laser/650nm/5mW
Focal Distance 160mm±2mm (standard&optional)
Marking Area 110*110mm (standard&optional)
System Properties Rated Power
Power Supply
AC 220V/50~60Hz
Working Environment 0~35°C, Humidity ≤90%

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