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In order to improve the working precision and stability for both cutting and engraving, it adopts the international advanced DPS digital-control technology and closed-loop motion control system, it's more higher performance & reliability. With humanized operation interface, easy to be operated and widely used to cut all kinds of non-metal materials.

For the different industries, AmberMont recommend the CMA series (Fabric & Leather Laser Cutting Machine) and the CMT series (Acrylic & Wood Laser Cutting Machine) to meet different clients. The motion controlling system for CMA Series apply the round rail, suitable for the super high-speed cutting and widely used in cloth, leather, paper, garment, etc. The CMT Series apply the imported linear guide, more suitable for the high-precision cutting, widely used in machining fields, advertisements, etc.

Product Advantages

  • High precise permanent marks Non-touch laser marking, be able to mark high precise design on tiny surface
  • No consumables High electro-optic conversion efficiency, less consumption, save a lot of processing costs for our clients

  • Long service life Maintenance-free within at least 20,000 hours, operated in 24 hours and severe working condition
  • Intelligence & Automation Powerful control system, be able to optimize all kinds of marking parameters according to different materials


It's suitable for almost all the non-metal materials, such as cloth, acrylic, ABS, paper, PVC, rubber, wood, glass, ceramic, plastic, PET, HDPE, leather, etc. It is widely used in advertisement, crafts & gifts, paper cutting and garment industries, such as computer embroidery and clipping, electronics, handicraft, advertisement decoration, building upholster, package, printing, paper products, etc.