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Diode laser marking machine includes diode side-pump laser marking machine and diode end-pump laser marking machine, it adopts semiconductor arrays as the laser source, the electro-optic conversion efficiency is more higher, reaching more than 40%; Overall performance is very stable, maintenance-free within 150,000 hours. Compared with other laser marking machines, it's more qualified for the ultra precision marking, special materials marking, but the price is relatively higher a bit.

Diode end-pump laser marking machine developed by AmberMont, integrates with highly standard configuration, it has been sold all over the world and very popular with our clients. Diode end-pump laser marking machine includes infrared, green and UV series, which is suitable for metal materials and many non-metal materials, widely used in electronic components, integrated circuits, hardwares, auto parts, plastic products and many other fields, especially for high quality laser precision micro-processing. In addition, since various industries have higher demand on high performance of laser processing equipments, as one of the top manufacturers of laser machine in China, we also provide automation solutions on the base of laser technology and laser machines. Whoever you are, you can find the suitable diode laser marking machine from us.

Product Advantages

  • High precise permanent marks Non-touch laser marking, be able to mark high precise design on tiny surface
  • No consumables High electro-optic conversion efficiency, less consumption, save a lot of processing costs for our clients

  • Long service life Maintenance-free within 150,000 hours, operated in 24 hours and severe working condition
  • Intelligence & Automation Powerful control system, be able to optimize all kinds of marking parameters according to different materials


It's widely used in integrated circuits, electrical appliances, communications, precision instruments, electronic components, electrical industry, integrated circuits, hardware tools, auto parts, plastic products, crafts ornaments, etc, especially in special materials marking, cutting and processing, such as all kinds of glass, LCD panel, textiles, chip ceramics, semiconductor wafers, IC grains, sapphires, polymer films, etc.