Failure 1: laser intensity decreased, the mark is not clear enough
Solution method:
1 laser resonant cavity is changed; fine tuned resonant cavity lens. The output spot is the best;
2 the optical crystal shift or the power output energy of the sound and light power is low; the position of the optical crystal and the working current of the optical power supply is adjusted;
3 to enter the vibration mirror laser deviation Center: adjusting laser;
4 if the current 20A is still strong enough to light: krypton lamp aging, replacement lamps.

Fault 2: krypton lamp can trigger (NTP power reference manual)

Solution method:
1 check all power connections;
2 high pressure krypton lamp aging, krypton lamp replacement.
Operating laser marking machine attention
1 no water or water cycle is strictly prohibited to start the laser power supply and Q power supply;
2 does not allow the Q power supply idle work (that is, the power supply Q power output is suspended);
3 abnormal phenomenon, the first to turn off the mirror switch and the key switch, and then check;
4 are not allowed to start other components in the krypton lamp lit, to prevent the high pressure into the damaged components;
5 note that the laser power output terminal (anode) to prevent the hanging, and other electrical sparking;

6 keep inner circulating water clean. Clean water tank and clean water or pure water regularly.